About Us

We are a disabled Veteran owned business. Our staff includes an Army Veteran with 28 years of honorable service, a Navy Veteran with 22 years of honorable service, and a grandson of a WWII Veteran. We resonate with our Veterans and understand the impact of long deployments, sacrifice, and combat. The challenges our Veterans face when returning home can seem like an uphill battle especially in the realm of securing employment.

Our philosophy is simple: providing a safe portal for veterans to find work at the grass roots level within their communities as well as providing a safe portal for individuals to get their task completed.

We chose the term TASK because of widespread familiarity with the term TASK. All Veterans are familiar with this term TASK. We also see this term TASK on refrigerators, bulletin boards, Outlook, and various other locations.

This vision has been in the making for a year now. After I retired from 22 years of Navy service, I found myself raising my children, going to school on the G.I. Bill, and trying to make ends meet.

I decided to start helping out family and friends with their daily tasks and before you know it, I was making ends meet on MY schedule. I found time to go to school, do homework, raise my little’s, and still pick up some extra work which brought in decent money.

We at TaskAVeteran truly resonate with our veterans and I can’t tell you how many times we have been thanked for our service by individuals. It is truly wonderful to know how supportive individuals and communities are.

I began to brainstorm and here is the formula I came up with.

Veterans Honorable Service + Individual/Community Support = Work for Veterans and Getting Task completed.

Thus spawned TaskAVeteran.com

This basic formula is a win-win for all involved; VETERANS getting to work and TASKS getting completed. This is truly a grass-roots movement.

Thank you for visiting and let’s show support for those who served us.

Thank you Veteran for the blanket of freedom.


David Black, ITC(SW) U.S.Navy (RET)
Founder/CEO TaskAVeteran
"Thank you Veteran for the blanket of Freedom"